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Australasian Technical Services was established in 1993 by Eang Kang and has become one of the leading providers in the removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials in both the domestic and commercial sector.

With over 30 years of experience Australasian Technical Services has been involved in many large scale demolition and refurbishment projects. Our company employs over 100 full time staff with a wide range of experience and expertise and who are all fully trained and certified to deal with all forms of asbestos removal and abatement. Australasian Technical Services prides itself on the importance of Workplace Safety, OH&S Management, Quality Assurance and Efficient Operations. 


Australasian Technical Services utilises it's knowledge, experience and resources to deliver desirable results in the most challenging environments and projects. 

Our clients include Local and Government bodies, Health Facilities, Hospitality Service Providers, Financial Institutions, Shopping Centres, Education Institutions and many Major Construction and Demolition Firms.

Holding a Class ‘A’ Asbestos removal licence as well as licences to transport and dispose all forms of contaminated soil, Australasian Technical Services works with authorities to provide safe, quality- assured removal of asbestos and hazardous materials from sites around Australasia. Each task is carried out with the uttermost attention to quality of delivery, safety of our personnel, your employees and the general public. 


Australasian Technical Services is possesses an array of specialist equipment which enables us to provide the required machinery to each project allowing for speedy deployment and the job to be completed on time and within budget. 

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